2022 Favourite Engagement Sessions

It's an enjoyable way to get comfotable in front of the camera together.


May 24, 2023

4 mins


   2022 Favourite Engagement Session Images

Engagement sessions are not only a great way to have photos you can use for you wedding, It's an enjoyable way to get comfotable in front of the camera together. This time also gives us the opportunity to get to know each other and it's the perfect excuse to have a fun date night/day. 2022 we have an amazing time getting to know some wonderful couples.

                                                                Chris & Christine

Photographing fellow artists is always an honour. I swear artists have different brain waves and approach life way differently. It was really important to us to share their connection to each other through art. While planning this session Christine didn't bat an eye when we suggested a paint fight. And wow! was it ever worth it.

                                                                 Alyssa & Bryce

When my bestie got engaged, she asked if I wanted to photograph her wedding or attend. Being present behind a lens and being fully emotionally present are two completely different things. I chose to be fully present and am so thankful that I did. We settled on doing an engagement session together. This was so special, we chose Chilliwack Lake since it's where they had their first date. They build a fire and cuddled to keep warm. We shared funny stories and explored a bit of the forrest.

                                                             Heather & Ryan

The weather collided with our original plans. We settled for a gorgeous local Langley location Sendall Gardens. Luckily we made it into the greenhouse before it closed for the winter season. Heather and Ryan were champs and not afraid to get a little wet. We laughed the entire time.

                                                                     Terri & Pete

These two took us pm am adventure through Port Moody. Showing us some of their favourite unique spots. Even though I almost died due to my own clumsiness. We still had the most amazing time. I still wonder if Pete received his Dairy Queen Ice cream for good behaviour haha!


Pitt Lake

Chilliwack Lake

Sendall Gardens

Belcara Picnic Park


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