Amanda & Keira — our story and creating Daisy and Lily

Daisy and Lily Photography is a wedding photography and videography run by two woman.


March 18, 2022

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Keira and Amanda instantly connected

They have meshed their dreams and goals together. Servicing the Fraser Valley, Tri Cities, Greater Vancouver area, and the option to travel. No wedding is too big or too small.  Our mission is to tell your story with truth, explore creatively, and bring the life into your memories.

Daisy & Lily Photography, Chilliwack BC, Canada. Blog Post Wedding Photography
Amanda & Keira, Daisy & Lily Photography, Chilliwack BC, Canada
Every story is worth telling

We are up for the adventure. Whilst you’re making memories, we’re busy making them last. 

I recently started reading a book called one red paper clip. This story has been enthralling to me, not because the author is writing about his true story on how he traded one little red paper clip all the way to house. Rather how his friends and family just totally accepted this insane idea and supported him unconditionally.

To have people around you that are truly in your corner, is a magical thing. Luckily for me I found a business partner who has embraced all of my crazy paperclipish ideas and supports them.

"In photography and in life, always look for the light, if you don’t see it, bring it." — John Waire

Daisy and Lily Photography started as a tiny idea in my brain, wedged there waiting for the right time and person to make it happen. Caught in the turmoil of the pandemic I was ready to hand in my camera and quit photography entirely. 2020 was going to be my year, or so I had thought. I had so much passion for wedding photography and that was all squashed down with the world full of anxiety. Uncertainty led me to shelve all my work holding on to the very few Covid weddings I had. 

New years day 2021 I sat on my couch staring into space and decided I needed to write a list of goals. I was so ready to shake the pandemic fatigue off and move in a new direction. Serendipity is the only word that can truly explain how the next sequence of events rolled out. Just as I was looking into the possibility of going back to school to change up my career, Two Mann Studios came out with their first ever online course/workshop.

Like a sign from above I knew I needed this course not just for a career but for my soul. Next was the one and only wedding inquiry to drop into my inbox for months. Last was due to last minute complications I needed a new second shooter which led me to a communal group on social media finding my Bonnie to my Clyde. The conversations were sparked and Daisy and Lily was born. 


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