Burnaby Rowing Club Wedding| Heather and Ryan

the perfect blend of two families coming together, and enjoying all the moments 


March 1, 2023

4 mins


Heather and Ryan's wedding day was the perfect blend of two families coming together, and enjoying all the moments big and small that a wedding day brings.

Heather started her day getting ready with her bridal party at her house. Nothing was rushed. They enjoyed their coffee, mimosas and food delivered via door dash. They had time to relax, laugh, and soak in the morning moments. Heather got into her gorgeous dress that she got at Everything but the Groom, and everyone piled into the Limo. Elite Limosines got them to the venue in style and on time. The dance party had already started in the limo. Ryan and the boys got ready at a hotel near by, after finalizing the details at the venue.

We arrived at the Burnaby Rowing Club as their guests were trickling in and finding their seats. Heather stayed tucked away in the limo until everyone was seated. Ryan was nervous and so excited to see his bride. Ryan walked down the aisle escorting both his mom and Heather's mom to their seats. This was a touching moment blending the two families into one.

Heather looked absolutly radiant as she walked down the aisle. Ryan didn't take his eyes off of her. Their vows were complimentary to one another. Both finding humour love and respect that they promised to eachother. Once the dotted line was signed and they shared their first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. Patch we went outside for photos. There were expressive clouds in the sky but the sun still managed to break through. The wedding party was prepped and ready with humour and beverges to keep the party vibe going.

The wedding party continued the flow and entered the reception full force with their grand entrances. Right after everyone enjoyed their delicious meals serves by Burnaby City Catering, the evening moved onto speeches. I don't think Ive ever been to a wedding that included so many speeches that included stories about hotdogs. Heather's dad included a heart felt speech along with another story that included a specimen cup. He returned the rock that Heather had gotten stuck in her ear as a child. Once we caught our breath from laughter moved into the dancing for the night. Later we took a quick dance break for the boquet and grated toss. Heather and Ryan both had a surprise for each other during the garter toss. Ryan did quite the dance for Heather meanwhile she had a Smirnoff ice tucked up in her garter to ice Ryan. He took it like an absolute champ leading on the rest of the party for the evening.

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