Chilliwack Lake Engagement| Alyssa and Bryce

We packed fire wood some beverages a blanket and drove up the Chilliwack Lake


March 6, 2022

2 mins


When my best friend first told me she had met a guy I was skeptical. You want your best friend to marry the man of her dreams, the kind of guy you talk about late at night at sleep overs. When I first met Bryce and saw how genuinely happy Alyssa was I knew he was her Prince Charming. They met snow shoeing at Cypress and were immediately interested in each other. Soon after Bryce took Alyssa on their first date up to Chilliwack Lake. Naturally we decided that this would be the perfect spot for their engagement photos. After months of postponing due to Covid and the floods we finally had an afternoon together.

The weeks prior I had been watching the weather like a hawk hoping that things would finally fall into our favour. We lucked out because the sky was blue and the sun was warm and shining. We packed fire wood some beverages a blanket and drove up the Chilliwack Lake. We walked through the snow and down to the lake all while talking about our past stories of growing up. Once we were down at the lake Bryce set up the fire with Alyssa's supervision... They got cozy by the fire and then humoured all of my silly ideas. The sun was going slowly down behind the mountain and we made our way back down the mountain taking a quick stop at the Tamihi Creek campground site. There were some incredible mossy covered trees that Alyssa had spotted earlier and we definitely wanted to take a few photos with them. We ended up playing around on the swings like old times.

I couldn't be happier for my best friend and now her new husband!

Chilliwack Lake

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