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March 6, 2024

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Wedding Flowers in The Fraser Valley

wedding flowers photography by Daisy and Lily Photography

Flowers have been part of wedding traditions throughout history. Dating as far back as the Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greeks and the Roman Empire. Originally during wedding ceremonies fragrant herbs and spices were carried to ward off evil spirits and bad omens. Moving forward in time, during the Middle Ages more fragrant flowers were added into the herbs and spices to mask the unpleasant smells that plagued the time lacking of modern day hygiene. During the Middle Ages is also when the bouquet toss first appeared. Traditionally it was considered good luck to snatch a piece of the brides wedding dress after the ceremony. To protect themselves the brides started tossing the bouquet as a diversion. Hence where the person who catches the bouquet is thought to be the next one to get married/ have good luck. During the Victorian Era flowers held many different symbolic meanings. For example tulips meant a declaration of love, roses meant perfect beauty and marigolds symbolized jealousy. This was the beginning of flowers Turing into a form of art.

wedding reception bouquet toss photography by Daisy and Lily Photography
wedding bouquet toss photography by Daisy and Lily Photography

Todays wedding flowers range from simple elegance to powerful extravagant statement pieces. According to my googling the average couple spends 10-15% of their budget on flowers or $800-$3100 CAD on average. There are many factors that contribute to the cost of your wedding flowers. The size of your order, the complexity, the types of flowers requested, the location of your wedding and even the date. Traditionally the bride's family paid for the flowers but modern times most couples pay for their own flowers.

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Some of the most popular flowers used in weddings are:










There are a lot of flowers that are seasonal which can be a factor for whether the type of flowers will be available for your wedding date or cost you more.












Winter Berries






Lily of the Valley







Flowers available year round:







Gerber Daisies

steam punk wedding flowers photography by Daisy and Lily Photography

Since your flowers have been such a big part of your wedding, when the big day is over what should you do with them?

There are many different options and being creative is the best thing. Some DIY ideas that I've seen are: turning them into potpourri, drying them and adding them into a shadow box. There is also special wax or silica gel that you can purchase to dip the flowers in to help preserve them.

If you aren't a big DIY person there are many companies that can turn them into beautiful works of art.

Flower pressing and then using the pressed pieces in framed artwork

Resin: sealing them with resin maximizes options. They can be turned into functional pieces like coasters, ring holders, book ends, even jewelry.

If your flowers didn't survive your entire day or you didn't think to save them there are many artists that can paint a picture of your bouquet. There are also many that will recreate your bouquet with embroidery.

bridal bouquet photography by Daisy and Lily Photography

Wedding Flower Checklist

-Bridal bouquet

-Bridesmaids bouquets

-Maid of honour bouquet

-Flower girl crowns

-Flower pedals for flower girls

-Grooms boutonnière

-Groomsmen boutonniere

-Corsage for groomsmen ladies


-Mother of bride

-Mother of the groom

-Step moms



-Father of the bride

-Father of the groom

-Step dads


Ceremony flowers

-Welcome table

-Aisle entryway

-Aisle markers

-Alter arrangements

-Arch/ Arbour pieces

Reception Flowers

-Welcome table

-Center pieces

-Head table

-Hanging arrangements

-Dessert table

-Cake table and or cake decore

-Toss bouquet

I interviewed a talented local Florist Angelica Arbic who owns Styled By Wild:

Styled by Wild Owner

Business Name: Styled by Wild

Business type: Flower Shop

Your name: Angelica Arbic

Location/ city: 1834 272st Aldergrove BC

How long have you been in business and or the industry: 6 Years in Event Management & 3 Years in Floral Design

Favorite colour: Turquoise

Favorite drink: Kombucha

Favorite movie: A Star is Born

Favorite food: Steak & Wendels Nanaimo Bar

Persona Hobby’s/ interests: Golf & Writing Poetry

How did you get started/ what interested you in the type of business you have?:

Prior to starting Styled by Wild she had an adventurous and rewarding career in the Hospitality Industry opening restaurants, training sales and managing corporate events & weddings. Her career path changed when the pandemic put a stop to events and gave her time to connect to her roots.

She grew up on Vancouver Island and spent most of her childhood in the PNW wilderness foraging and learning about the native plant’s, flowers, mushrooms & trees.

Naturally, she took solace from the chaos of the pandemic in the wilderness, foraging greenery & wild flowers. Growing a small garden and giving vegetable & bouquets to friends.

Angelica received her Floral Design Certification from the University of Fraser Valley in 2020/2021.

During school she had a hard time finding a job in a flowers shop and decided to go out on her own. Learning Aldergrove did not have a flower shop she made it her mission to provide the community with a service that was needed. One thing lead to another and after walking Fraser Highway she met the Owners of the Aldergrove General Store and started selling flowers at the “Pop-Up Flower Shop” outside the store.

Over time the community took a liking to the beautiful creations she was making and she solidified a space to work out of which she calls “The Studio” at 16th and 272nd.

Her mission is to “Uplift, Inspire & Create a Beautiful World!” by sharing her love for flowers and all things personal development & mindset.

For booking how long in advance should your client book?:

It depends on the booking, we take orders for same day delivery and also work with larger booking - Weddings, Funerals & Corporate Booking which have a lead time of weeks to months depending on the scale.

Your favorite product/ service you have?:

Our Floral Couch Installation for Weddings and Photo Opportunities.

Most popular product/ service you have?:

The Modern Vase Arrangement set in our Etched Motif Vase

Price range/ average budget your clients have?:

Retail $50 - $150 Wedding packages start at $989 - $5000

Website link:

Instagram: @styledbywild.floral

Facebook: @styledbywild

Photo provided by Styled by Wild- Photography done by: Mathiasfast Photography
Styled By Wild

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