Intimate Back Yard Wedding Surrey BC| Nina and Jackson

It was a perfect, intimate day reliving their childhood memories 


February 1, 2023

4 mins


I always feel hesitant to hand out relationship advice. Since every relationship is as unique as the individuals involved. The universal suggestion I have learned from observing and living myself is friendship. If you are committing to a lifetime with another being, be sure that you can be friends. Nina and Jackson met while they were just kids. They spent a remarkable amount of time at the basketball court in their complex. It seemed fitting that we were able to include this spot on their wedding day.

Nina and Jackson faced the challenge of having to postpone their wedding due to covid. So many of us know the frustration and flexibility that this caused. They decided to change the location and settled for a smaller more intimate wedding with their close friends and family. They chose Jackson's grandparent's home in Surrey BC, which also happened to be the spot of his older brother's wedding a few years previous. It was a hot sunny Canada day and we were all very grateful for the tower cedar tree which not only provided the backdrop to their ceremony but also a nice cool, shady spot for the guests to sit.

The guests took their seats and the wedding party made their way down the aisle. Jackson walked down with their son Hunter. Following behind were the bubble girls. Rather than throwing flower petals, they opted for bubble guns which in my opinion was the cutest idea. The bubble girls were beaming with excitement. Nina feeling a bit shy asked if the guests could stay seated while she walked down the aisle with her Dad. Their ceremony was humorous and personal. Their love story was shared along with a few laughs. After the ceremony, we stayed put and took their family photos and wedding party photos. Once this was done we went off to where their story started at the basketball court where they spent many hours hanging out and building their friendship. It was a perfect, intimate day reliving their childhood memories and celebrating their future to come.


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