Pitt Lake Bicycle engagement session| Carolyn and Kelvin

Fun Bicycle engagement session at Pitt Lake in Maple Ridge BC Canada


October 18, 2023

4 mins


Cycling is an activity Carolyn and Kelvin enjoy doing as a couple together. This led us to choosing Pitt Lake for their engagement session. Not only for the serene mountain landscape, but for the cycling path along the route. Knowing how popular this location can be Keira and I took bets on how many other photographers we would see at this location. Keira won by guessing 11 but to be fair my guess of 4 was taking into consideration that it was only a Tuesday!

We started off in the shade since it felt like a million degrees in the sun. We quickly learned how Kelvin enjoys dancing more specifically swing dancing. Once the sun started to move closer to the mountains we brought out the bikes. Its always fun watching a couple in their element and seeing them come out of their shell. Carolyn and Kelvin were such great sports and accepted our challenges even when the things we were asking probably seemed a little nuts haha! We watched the sun dip behind the mountain softening the light around us. We continued to have fun until the mosquitoes came out attacking our ankles and any other patch of bare skin they could find so we called it quits.

Pitt Lake

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