Pitt Lake Engagement Session| Chris & Christine

mountain views, amazing golden sunset light, the most adorable corgi named Enzo 


November 9, 2022

4 mins


Every couple we have the honour of photographing is special to us but I swear we manifested Chris and Christine.

When an engagement session included mountain views, amazing golden sunset light, the most adorable corgi named Enzo and two artists you know its going to be pure gold! We met Chris and Christine at Starbucks and immidietly were on the same level of excitement. Both Chris and Christine are both artists which I'm not going to lie this brought a bit of anxiety since I did not want to let a fellow artist down. Their love and humour made the anxiety fade quite quickly.

When deciding on a Engagement session idea it was like all of our brains connected. Christine wanted some mountains so Pitt Lake was of course the ideal choice. To add the adventure into our adventure engagement session we decided that a picnic would be fun but we needed to add their personality into the mix. We brought some canvases and paint to show their artistry side and it ended with the most beautiful paint fight. We had so much fun laughing till our sides hurt making memories that I hope these two will remember for a life time as I know I will. The evening ended with Chris showing us how big of a trooper and how dedicated his love is for Christine by jumping into a mud puddle with such gusto he slipped and fell right onto his butt! Without complaint he got back up and did it all again! our session ended at the perfect time as we pulled away the skies opened up and down poured!


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