Rolley Lake Engagement| Karen and Linden

Karen and Linden chose Rolley Lake in Mission BC for their engagement session


March 15, 2023

3 mins


Karen and Linden

It was a rainy January as usual here in the pacific northwest. Karen and Linden chose Rolley Lake in Mission BC for their engagement session with the intent to use their motorcycles for their session. At the beginning of the week we all watched the weather forecast change from overcast to snow to rain. We decided to go with plan b Hayward lake with intentions to utilize the gazebo for some rain cover and they kept the bikes at home. Luckily for us the rain held off with only a few brief sprinkles so we took a few images at Hayward lake and then transitioned over to Rolley Lake. There was a whimsical mist rolling through the forest giving us an enchanted forest vibe. Linden came prepared with an umbrella in case we needed shelter from the rain which made a fun prop for their session. We walked around the boardwalk chatting, laughing and laughed some more at the fact that I kept accidentally calling Linden Trevor. I am horrible with names but to be fair the name Linden made me think of Trevor Linden the former Canucks player. He was such a good sport about it, even teasing me back. My favourite part about their session was how the two of them interacted with each other. There was lots of teasing, laughter, and so many beautiful words of love shared between the two of them. They truly soaked in the experience of their Engagement session.

fraser valley engagement photography
ring on a fern shot by daisy and lily photography at Rolley Lake, Mission BC
couple posed for engagement photography session, photo by daisy and lily photography
Hayward Lake engagement photography
laughing moment during an engagement session photography by daisy and lily photography
black and white photo of hands
kissing couple at engagement photography session at Hayward lake Mission BC
fun engagement session pose

couple laughing
sitting pose couple on board walk engagement session at Hayward lake in mission BC photography by daisy and Lilly photography
umbrella prop for engagement session
engagement photo in the woods couple posed
unique black and white photo of engagement ring on a log

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