Victoria Wedding| Oak Bay Hotel| Linda and Alex

Linda and Alex's romantic wedding at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel in Victoria BC, Canada.


April 5, 2024

5 mins


Linda and Alex are a true OG's for Daisy and Lily Photography. When we rebranded and launche our brand new website we decided to do a give away to celebrate. We were giving away a whole wedding package! Even though they didn't win Lina and Alex liked our style of work so much along with our combination of offering photography and videography, they decided to book us and bring us over to Victoria.

Alex and Linda met in Edmonton at a French coffee shop sparking their romantic energy the two of them share. This romance was so prevalent on their wedding day. They chose to get married at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel in Victoria, for not only the gorgeous venue but also to be able to bring all their friends and family together as a mini vacation for everyone. Their wedding was full of so many details that Linda personally made. From the signs to the wedding magazine everything was incredibly well thought out and perfected.

The evening before the wedding Keira and I hopped onto the Ferry and made the journey to the island. We checked into our room had a beverage and had a great night sleep. The next morning we woke up super refreshed, grabbed a coffee from the shop in the hotel and got ready to go. We made our way over to Linda's room. When we arrived Linda was cool as a cucumber and things were still quiet while she had her hair done. A few minutes later her crew showed up bringing all the fun and energy. Meanwhile Alex had run out and grabbed lunch for everyone and had it delivered to the room. After a quick lunch break and some eye masks everyone got started on doing their makeup. While the girls were busy the boys were watching YouTube videos on how to tie a tie.

The rain started to not just sprinkle but fall from the sky. Even with he grey skies Linda remained hopeful for her outdoor garden ceremony overlooking the ocean. We planned to do their first look on the hotel's private beach. Even with the rain they still wanted the same spot so we grabbed some umbrellas and went for it. The moment was truly magical. The rain wasn't lightening up so we all decided it would be best to do their family and wedding party photos inside. Luckily the hotel interior is gorgeous so it wasn't hard to find a spot. Linda and Alex had to make a last minute call to more their ceremony indoors. The staff was absolutely incredible moving everything efficiently, and quickly resetting up the entire ceremony to a private section in the lobby. Their backdrop was the fireplace that had a warm wood burning fire making everything so cozy. They shared their personal vows and did a sand ceremony. The sand was collected from two beaches that were part of their story. After the ceremony they took some time to enjoy their cocktail hour with their guests. We snuck away for a few minutes heading outside because the rain had finally stopped!

We returned in time for Linda and Alex to make their grand entrance leading right to their first dance. Linda had a few games for the guests to play, my favourite was instead of clinking glasses to encourage them to kiss, they had a jar full of silerand gold Hersheys kisses. The guests closed their eyes and grabbed one, if it was silver the guest had to go and kiss someone but if it was gold then Linda and Alex had to kiss. Dinner was served and was delicious. Speeches were shared making us all laugh and cry at the many moments, sentiments and well wishes that were given. Alex shared a dance with his mom and Linda shared a dance with her mom. Since Linda's family is Nigerian they had a traditional money dance. Ive been lucky enough to be part of this cultural dance few times and it is always so fun. The couple dances and the guests come up and shower them with money. The best part of this is it always encourages the guest to come up and dance and be part of the fun. The rest of the evening was spent enjoying the Photo Booth and dancing the night away. It was an amazing day spending time with these beautiful people. We were so exhausted and luckily our commute to bed was not far. We woke up the next morning and crawled our way down to the mineral pool for a soak before heading back to the mainland.


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