Whonnock Lake Wedding| Rich and Tirath

This wedding was absolutley perfect, and really tied in both cultures


March 12, 2022

2 mins


I met Tirath and Rich about five years ago when my mom took me to Tiraths daughter's birthday party. I could tell right away that this couple would  soon be engaged. A couple years late with a pandemic to prolong getting hitched, March 12th finally came. Amanda and I finally got the opportunity to create the best memories for this gorgeous couple.

The day started with all the ladies getting ready together at Tirath's townhouse. There was tons of laughter, tears, and mimosas!!! Hanoor, Tiraths daughter was especially excited to witness her mom and soon  to be step dad get married. She had lost her dad when she was only a toddler to brain cancer, so having Rich step in and become her second dad was extremely heart warming and rewarding. Although her dad is gone, you could tell that there was love and honoured all around, and that he would always be apart of their story no matter what.

While the girls were getting ready Rich was surrounded by his Mom, Sister and Best friend. They enjoyed laughs while expertly opening a bottle of wine with a screw driver. Followed by a pre ceremony lasagna meal. Mom of course had to provide dish towel bibs for the boys.

Once at the venue Tirath snuck into the bridal room while Rich was distracted by welcoming the guests. Tiraths parents then got to see their daughter for the first time in a non-tradional wedding gown to their East Indian culture. Tirath was in a stunning white gown, but complimented it with her East Indian wedding Jewelry. From the earring to the ankle braclets, Tirath literally looked like a godess. Her parents reaction said it all, smiles from ear to ear and tears of joy. I couldn't help but tear up myself. During the ceremony Hanoor had her own intimate moment with Rich, she excepted him as her step dad and he gave her the most beautiful bracelets. Her joy lit up the whole room. Fast forward to the reception, the music was the bomb, and everyone was up and dancing, it was beyond awesome, even the kids that attended were dancing the night away. It was the most fun I have had at a wedding reception in a long time. This wedding was absolutley perfect, and really tied in both cultures, with the white dress, East indian food, two genres of music and the first dance. This wedding was absolutey magical. If you are looking for a venue that has great reception natural light and a beautiful outdoor landscape  for photos, we highly recromend Whonnock Lake Hall.

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